Third Committee: SOCHUM

Committee Information

Title: Third Committee: SOCHUM

Organ: General Assembly

Chair: Mark Steiner

Topic A: Protection of International Journalists

Topic A Summary:

Topic B: Treatment of Prisoners

Topic B Summary:

Background Guide

Background Guides will be available starting August 30th.

Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to ILMUNC India! It is my pleasure to welcome you to a conference that I’m sure will be memorable. Whether you are a new delegate or a veteran of Model UN conferences, my colleagues and I have worked hard to make this conference everything it can be.

I come from the mean streets of Long Island, a large suburb of New York. After leading my High School MUN team, I came to the University of Pennsylvania and settled in with the International Affairs Association. I am also on the secretariat for UPMUNC, the Collegiate Model UN conference that we run back in Philadelphia. I’m set to graduate from the college in 2020 with a major in Political Science and a concentration on International Relations. I really enjoy my field of study, but when I have some time outside of class, I enjoy sitting down with a novel, practicing my guitar playing, and working on my standup comedy routine.

Mark Steiner
Chair, Third Committee: SOCHUM