Third Committee: SOCHUM

Committee Information

Title: Third Committee: SOCHUM

Organ: General Assembly

Chair: Mark Steiner

Topic A: Protection of International Journalists

Topic A Summary:

The flow of both public and private information from person to person is what provides the global community with a platform for debate while preserving reality. In recent years, journalists have come under attack by governments whose goals are solely to limit the spread of information, and more importantly, the truth. Many have gone as far as to violate international law by physically abusing reporters and prosecuting them unjustly. However, the reporters have a duty to report honestly on the events occurring around the world – they are the sources of information many rely on to make decisions and guide perception. Our discussion of this topic comes at no better time with an ever present threat of global terrorism, increased testing of nuclear weapons, and international and domestic political turmoil for a multitude of nations, now is the time to take action to protect journalists globally from falling victim to oppression.

Topic B: Treatment of Prisoners

Topic B Summary:

Throughout history, as long as there has been war or conflict, prisoners have existed. Domestically, people have been imprisoned as a form of punishment if they broke laws. Losing one’s freedom through imprisonment continues to be used throughout the world. Steps have definitely been taken to ensure that the treatment of prisoners is improved and that an individual’s rights are upheld. The treatment of a nation’s own citizens who have broken certain laws domestically has improved in many parts of the world. Other countries still have a long way to go with regard to domestic prison reform. Unfortunately, the United States is a country which still has a long way to go with regard to prison reform. Domestic prison policy around the world still needs a lot of reform. Hopefully, a comprehensive resolution will focus on dealing with this issue to some extent.

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Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to ILMUNC India! It is my pleasure to welcome you to a conference that I’m sure will be memorable. Whether you are a new delegate or a veteran of Model UN conferences, my colleagues and I have worked hard to make this conference everything it can be.

I come from the mean streets of Long Island, a large suburb of New York. After leading my High School MUN team, I came to the University of Pennsylvania and settled in with the International Affairs Association. I am also on the secretariat for UPMUNC, the Collegiate Model UN conference that we run back in Philadelphia. I’m set to graduate from the college in 2020 with a major in Political Science and a concentration on International Relations. I really enjoy my field of study, but when I have some time outside of class, I enjoy sitting down with a novel, practicing my guitar playing, and working on my standup comedy routine.

Mark Steiner
Chair, Third Committee: SOCHUM