Frequently Asked Questions


What is Model United Nations?
Do you need prior MUN experience to participate in ILMUNC India?
What types of topics are discussed at ILMUNC India?
Why should I participate in Model UN conferences?

Conference Registration, Fees, and Logistic

I am looking to register as an individual delegate, can I register during the priority registration period?
Can I participate as an individual delegate?
How many students can register together as a delegation?
What is included within the delegate conference fee?
I am a delegate, can I stay in a single room instead of a double?
Can I commute to and from the conference?
Can I access the school dashboard using the login information I used for last year's conference?
Where can I find more information about the Conference schedule?
Is attendance taken at committee sessions?
Can faculty advisors attend committee sessions?
What are the rules and regulations of the conference, and how are they enforced?

Research and Preparation

How should I research for my committee?
What are position papers, and how do I write one?
What is a working paper?
What is a draft resolution?
Are pre-written resolutions allowed at ILMUNC India?