Worldview is a person-centred experiential learning platform for students with an overriding focus on Transformative Leadership. We focus on what we believe is the most critical aspect of Leadership: Adaptive Capacity, the ability to adapt quickly to positively leverage the opportunities in fast changing environments. We strive to develop personal potential attributes in an individual which include Thinking & Creativity, Knowledge, Communication skills, Ethics & Integrity, Team Work, and Planning & Organisation in order to improve this critical capacity in participants.

We trigger this through a variety of carefully structured experiential learning programs which necessarily engage the students in working towards solutions for the challenges we face in our local & global communities. We employ a blend of experiential learning tools such as Simulations, Travel, Case-studies, Projects & Realtime work in order to create a dynamic out-of-classroom learning environment.

MUNCafe, FutureSake and WILL are brands of Worldview. Visit our website to find out more.