Registration Policies

  1. There will be two rounds of registrations:

    1. The Priority Registration period will take place from May 29th to August 10th

    2. Regular registrations will take place from August 11th to October 26th

  2. Beginning August 11, 2018, registered Faculty Advisors and Individual Delegates shall be able to access the ILMUNC India Online Dashboard using the username and password they submitted at the time of registration.

    1. This Online Dashboard shall serve as a portal where they will be able to access and view their registration details, billing information and allocations.

    2. The Dashboard will also be used for the submission of delegate information, position papers, Faculty Advisor Agreement, Liability Waivers and details of the delegation’s/delegate’s travel and stay.

  3. Priority allocations will occur by 11th August. Although we do our best to keep everyone's preferences in mind while allocating, earlier registrations are more likely to be assigned their country preferences.

  4. Allocations will not be released until we have received the complete payment for each member of a delegation. Please contact if you have any concerns.

  5. All Faculty Advisor Agreement and Delegate Liability Waiver must be uploaded on the ILMUNC India Online Dashboard by November 2nd, 2018.

  6. Individual delegates are only required to pay the delegate fee and will be assigned to double occupancy by default. To request roommate preferences, write to us at

  7. If the conference reaches its capacity, schools and individuals will be placed on the waitlist. Preference to come off the waitlist will be given to delegations over individual delegates.

  8. Please note that Hotel Accommodation is available from 3:00 PM on November 22nd to 12:00 PM on November 25th, 2017.

  9. All conference fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Delegate Fees and Inclusions

  1. Taxes: All costs are inclusive of 18% GST.

  2. Accommodation: Inclusive of room cost for 3 nights (on double occupancy)

  3. Meals & Snacks: 9 meals from dinner on 22nd November, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Day 23rd November, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on 24th November, Breakfast and Lunch on Day 25th November. Coffee, tea & snacks served will be served on all days of the conference.

  4. Social & Conference events: Entry to all social events and conference events including leadership forums, training workshops, etc.

  5. Online training webinars: Online webinars run by the Secretariat and the Directors will equip delegates with information and material to excel at the conference.

  6. Preparation materials & background guides: Access to general preparation guide, committee specific background guides, etc. which will help the delegates prepare better for the conference.

  7. Delegate Conference Kits: Includes delegate handbook, placards, ID Cards, etc.

  8. Visa assistance: International delegates will also receive assistance with visa processing strictly limiting to necessary letters and documents from the conference.

Domestic Delegations

Delegate Fee

INR 19915 + 18% GST: INR 23500 per delegate

Faculty Advisor Fee (Single Room)*

INR 21610 + 18% GST: INR 25500 per advisor

Faculty Advisor Fee (Double Room)*

INR 10805 + 18% GST: INR 12750 per advisor

Assistant Director Fee

INR 10869 + 18% GST: INR 12825 per Assistant Director

international Delegations

Delegate Fee

$380 per delegate

Faculty Advisor Fee (Single Room)*

$390 per advisor

Faculty Advisor Fee (Double Room)*

$220 per advisor

Assistant Director Fee

$220 per Assistant Director

* One Faculty Advisor Fee (double room) will be waived per 10 delegates in a delegation. Delegations with 10-19 delegates will still be waived one Faculty Advisor's fee, delegations with 20-29 delegates will be waived two FA fees and so on.


Priority Registration

May 29th

Priority Registration Opens

August 10th

Priority Registration Closes and Payment Deadline

Regular Registration

August 11th

Regular Registration Opens

October 26th

Regular Registration Closes

November 2nd

Regular Registration Payment Deadline

Assistant Director Applications

May 29th

Applications Open

July 16th

Applications Close


October 26th

Delegate Details and Rooming Preferences Due

November 2nd

Faculty and Delegate Liability Wavier Due

November 5th

Position Papers Due