Topic A: The Japanese Invasion of Manchuria

The Japanese Invasion of Manchuria began on September 18, 1931 when the Kwantung Army, an elite division of the Imperial Japanese Army, invaded Manchuria. At this time, Manchuria was under the control of the Republic of China. This invasion was sparked by what is known as the Mukden Incident in which the Kwantung Army claimed the Chinese had attacked the Manchurian Railway which had been under Japanese control. On December 10, 1931, the League established the Lytton Commission to investigate the circumstances that led to the Japanese Invasion of Manchuria, specifically including the Mukden Incident. At the outset of our League session, the Lytton Commission has begun their investigation but has yet to announce their findings to the League. These results will impact the League’s response to the situation, but the League must first balance its nascent union and its urge to be a leader in solving complex geopolitical problems when tackling this invasion.

Topic B: The Spanish Civil War

When this session of the League of Nations convenes in September of 1936, the Spanish Civil War has already been under way for two months. The Civil War in Spain is being fought between two opposing camps: the Republicans and the Nationalists. The Republicans, also known as the Loyalists, support the left-leaning Second Spanish Republic and have allied themselves with communist and anarchist factions. The Nationalists, and conservative, Catholic group, are led initially by insurgent generals and eventually by Francisco Franco. By the time the League convenes in September 1936, it is clear that Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union have already chosen a policy of major intervention into the war, while Great Britain and France contrarily have sponsored a policy of non-intervention. Although many member states of the League are hesitant to raise the question of the Civil War and international intervention formally, this body will eventually have to address the issue and set precedents that will resonate throughout history.


Letter from the Chair


Dear Delegates,

I am so excited to welcome you all to ILMUNC India! My name is Jordan, and I will be your chair for the committee: League of Nations.

I am originally from Ridgewood, NJ, a town in the suburbs of Manhattan, NY. I am now a student in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. I am pursuing two concentrations in Finance and Business Economics & Public Policy and a minor in Political Science. At Penn I am a proud member of the International Affairs Association (IAA), the club that puts on this conference! I serve on two of the Branches in the IAA: the Community Outreach and Engagement Branch and the Special Events Branch.

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League of Nations