Topic A: Future of NATO-Iran Relations

 The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, commonly known as the Iran Nuclear deal,  was implemented with the purpose of ensuring that Iran's nuclear program remains peaceful. In exchange for freezing most of their nuclear program, Iran was freed of many important economic sanctions. However, just three short years after its creation, the JCPOA is at risk of failure due to Trump's withdrawal from the agreement. While the deal has support, nuclear non-proliferation critics claim that Iran has had secret nuclear development plants since 2003 defeating the purpose of the deal. Now that the United States has withdrawn, NATO and its member countries who are party to this deal will have to address the future of the JCPOA and address foreign relations among all countries involved.

Topic B: Deterring Russian Aggression in Europe

NATO has always strived to foster cooperation with its former adversary after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact in 1991, however recent events have once again led to controversy between the two entities. With the Russian military's latest advances into and annexation of Crimea, NATO has suspended all cooperation, going as far as to condemn the actions and take an opposing stance. NATO remains concerned as to the precedence that these actions set as well as the instability they create within the state. While NATO does not seek conflict with Russia, it recognizes the need to take action against these kinds of breaches of sovereignty and adapt to the altering security environment.


Letter from the Chair


Dear Delegates,

I am very pleased to welcome you to the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference in India! My name is Ashley Shah and I am the chair for NATO. It has been such a pleasure preparing for conference over these past several months and we cannot wait to share it with you. This committee will challenge you to think outside of the social norms with emphasis on substance, creativity, and tactical negotiation.

A little bit about myself; I was born and raised in Edison, New Jersey also known as Little India. I spent my summers playing soccer, making late night ice creams runs and traveling the world and spent my winters skiing, snowboarding and drinking as much hot chocolate as physically possible. I grew up binging FIFA, La Liga, Copa Del Rey and Champions League games as well as watching shows like Scandal and White Collar. I have been involved in Model UN since my freshman year of high school and immediately fell in love with the rigor this club brings. Currently I am a sophomore in the Huntsman Program of International Studies and Business studying in both Wharton and the college with a minor in Spanish. I am also of Indian origin as my parents are both from Mumbai and cannot wait to be back in the land of pav bhaji and mangalore buns.  

At Penn I have continued my passion for MUN not only through ILMUNC India but also as a USG of GA’s for ILMUNC in America. Not only have I learned more about public speaking and negotiations, but I have found a family in the IAA. I hope that we are able to foster a similar environment of learning and connection for all of you at ILMUNC India. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at or to any other members on the Secretariat with questions or concerns.


Ashley Shah


North Atlantic Treaty Organization