Meet the Secretariat


Muskan Salgia


Born and raised in Indore, India, Muskan is loudly and very proudly Wharton Class of 2020 where she plans to concentrate in Finance, Operations and Strategic Management with a minor in Computer Science. Apart from ILMUNC India, Muskan also serves as the Director of Operations for UPMUNC 52, Penn’s collegiate level Model UN conference.

However her prominent distinction is her superb taste in coffee. With the time that she doesn’t spend scouting for new restaurants all over the place, Muskan loves to indulge in adventure tourism, play table tennis and watch reruns of some of her favorite Bollywood movies. Having participated as a delegate back in ILMUNC India 2014, Muskan believes that this opportunity completes a circle of life in itself as she returns to where it all began.


Raj Bhuva


Raj, your Director-General, hails from India’s bustling financial capital, Mumbai. He is a junior studying Chemical Engineering and Chemistry as part of the VIPER program, with a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship.

Outside of ILMUNC India, Raj is also a member of Penn’s intercollegiate Model UN team. Apart from MUN, Raj is involved with clean energy research and consulting small businesses in West Philadelphia. He currently serves as the President of Penn's chapter of AIChE and is a proud brother of the Phi Gamma Nu business fraternity. In his free time, he enjoys checking out new web-series, watching cute cat videos and trying to explore Philly. Despite his STEM background, Raj eventually hopes to be a Bollywood actor!


Adithya Adaikalavan

Chief of Staff

Adithya is a junior in the Wharton School concentrating in Finance and Statistics with a minor in French. Born in Melbourne, Australia and hailing from Princeton, NJ, Adithya is a dual American-Australian citizen who loves to travel the world. His love for new cultures drove him to participate in Model United Nations, and he has been doing it ever since his freshman year of high school. He has previously staffed the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General at UPMUNC 50 and Deng Xiaoping’s Cabinet at UPMUNC 51 as well as moderated the FIFA committee at ILMUNC XXXIV. Adithya is also a Deputy Director for Penn’s college Model United Nations team participating in MUN conferences around the nation. He is very excited to be serving as ILMUNC India’s Chief of Staff!

Apart from Model UN, Adithya is also a part of the Wharton Investment & Trading Group as a member of the Global Macro team. Some of his favorite activities to do if he can get away from homework and MUN are watching any sport, cooking (mainly the eating part after the cooking is done) and playing soccer.



J.P. Young

Chief of Operations

J.P. is a senior in the Wharton School and School of Arts and Sciences, studying Economics, Finance, and Computer Science. He is originally from northern Virginia, just outside D.C. Though he only started Model U.N. in college, he has been a dedicated member of Penn's International Affairs Association (IAA), and has traveled the United States and world while competing and staffing Model U.N. conferences, and could not be more excited to serve as Chief of Operations for ILMUNC India 2018.

Besides the IAA, J.P. is involved in the Quaker Finance Group on the Quantitative Trading team. He enjoys long walks on the beach, cooking, sports, reading, and chess. Oh yeah, and any sort of debate on economic theory. A quote enthusiast, he is always excited to learn and take to heart the wisdom that great men and women have left behind.